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Supplements for CMT and exercise

Exercise & Lifestyle Supplements for Fitness and CMT

Helping navigate the confusing world of supplements, separating the sales pitch from the science.

The sports supplement industry is expected to reach a value of $44 billion by 2021 and is filled with supplements claiming to do many things, from weight loss to weight gain, improve endurance, performance, the immune system, and more. Below is a guide to help navigate the sometimes misleading or confusing world of supplements and to help guide you towards ones that may help you with your fitness and diet goals, or help mitigate some of the issues caused by CMT, such as joint inflammation. If you choose to purchase supplements, make sure to do so from a trusted, reputable source - many vendors or resellers get away with selling false products, therefore where applicable, affiliate links to trusted suppliers are included. 


Before purchasing any supplement, take the time to research the ingredients thoroughly - is a great way of getting free, non-biased, study-based facts on supplements and their ingredients. Many supplement review sites are little more than affilite link sites, so use your own critical judgement in assessing a product before purchasing.

CMT Exercise Supplement Protein Powder


Protein is the building blocks for muscle

Without an adequate level of protein in a persons diet, their body will not be able to create or repair muscle. Protein powders offer a cheap and easy solution to increasing protein within a persons diet, but it is not without it's pitfalls.

CMT Exercise Supplement Pre workouts


In a multi-billion dollar industry, what is worth trying, and what is snake-oil?

Many supplements will claim to anything and everything, from increasing muscle mass, providing unlimited endurance and push you past your own fitness limits. But what is proven to work, and what simply marketing?

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CMT Exercise Supplement Joint Support


Healthy joints are essential for anyone with a fitness regime

When undergoing a regular fitness regime, it is important to pay close attention to the health of your joints, as not doing so can lead to early-onset arthritis.

CMT Exercise Supplements for Liver Support


The liver plays a crucial and sometimes overlooked role in a persons health

The liver does many things and is one of the most resilient organs in the body as it is able to repair itself. However, certain medications, lifestyle choices and supplements can impact liver health.

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