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Having a healthy exercise and lifestyle can be a a real difference maker when you live with CMT. This section will cover several lifestyle choices that are important when you have CMT.



If you have CMT, the severity may play an important part on what career choices are open to yourself, and which ones are best avoided. It is also worth remembering that as you age, the impact of CMT can become more severe, therefore avoiding challenging professions early on may aid you later on in life.

Physical Labour is Best Avoided

Due to the mechanical results, CMT can have many day-to-day impacts from poor balance to neurological pain and complete loss of sensation in limb extremities, it is wise to choose a career that is not based on physical labour, whether this is something as simple as being on your feet all day, to a more physically demanding job, such as in construction.

An Office-based career is compatible with CMT

As CMT tends to result in physical limitations, a career that involves being sat at a desk for extended periods of time is compatible for people with CMT, with regular office heath advice is still applicable; move around every hour, maintain a good posture, use a keyboard wrist wrest. Contradictory to modern office practices, a standing desk may not be ideal for someone with CMT as standing for long periods can result in pain, fatigue or even injury.

Driving Ability May Be Limited

Depending on the severity of CMT, driving may only be possible in an automatic car, or not possible without adequate modification to a car. Even when capable of driving, due to the pressure placed on the feet, a person with CMT has to be aware of their limitations with regard to driving. This may therefore influence any profession that requires significant time behind the wheel of a vehicle.


Having a healthy diet and staying mobile is important in someone with CMT due to the

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Maintaining a Healthy Weight is Important when Suffering from CMT

As CMT has major mechanical implications for people with the condition, it is important to maintain a healthy weight and to avoid becoming overweight or obese. The added weight of a poor diet can result in extra strain on the feet and legs, resulting in worsening the symptoms of CMT, and potentially resulting in injury due to the extra weight. Also, avoiding weight-related conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes is important due to the compounding issues diabetes can have with CMT, such as poor circulation.

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Joint mobility can become a significant issue for people with CMT

Joint mobility can be severely impacted by CMT, resulting in limited joint movement to hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. While this can sometimes happen too early to be detected, other times it can be proactively treated and prevented. Having a regular routine setup to maximise joint mobility can be a real benefit for people with CMT and should not be overlooked.

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