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Focusing on strengthening the forearms and hands

CMT can impact the hands and forearms in people with the condition, sometimes at a younger age, or later on in life. Muscle atrophy in these regions is one of the main impacts of the diseases, and therefore exercising them regularly and correctly can help prevent permanent muscle loss by increasing muscle mass and size. 


What makes up the forearms and hands, and how does CMT impact these muscle groups?


The forearms and hands are a collection of many muscles, each with their own function. Below is a brief description of the main muscle groups that can be focused on when exercising.


The forearms contain 20 individual muscles, but for simplicity, exercises will be focused on the three radial muscles of the forearm that provide the majority of the size and strength of the forearm, helping to flex the arm and control the wrist.

CMT Impact: Muscle atrophy


The extrinsic hand muscles are a group of muscles that attach to the fingers yet originate from the underside of the forearm, with their main function being the straightening of the fingers

CMT Impact: Muscle atrophy and weakness


The intrinsic hand muscles are a group of muscles located within the hand, helping to control the fingers without relying on the forearm. 

CMT Impact: Muscle atrophy and weakness

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Image by Kelly Sikkema


Below are a few tips for getting started with lower body exercises

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